Traffic engineering unit

this unit provides specialized services for different types of paints and traffic domains , in the form of different sections , as follows:
In addition to considering customers’ needs, this department provides Consultations and approaches according to national and international standards for selecting appropriate paints, conformity with climatic conditions and traffic projects.
This unit has the duty of transforming engineering ideas and plans to execution conditions.
This design is done according to :
1- Road geometry and existing standards 
2- special orders.
In addition to observing traffic engineering principles and inner-city and inter-city safety regulations ,types of signs , colors and dimensions are designed and prepared for executing department for the first section.In the second section, the traffic requirements of each region are identified and specific new and initiative plans such as the routes for the binds ,special bicycle routes and special urban beautifying signs are designed and proposed.

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Reef group is one of the largest in iran that is active in the aria tataled 200 thousand square meters in chemical industries field (production of paint,traffic signs, glass beads and silicrouate powder).industrial field (production of barrel and metal can and cellulose products)artless field (production of garment) and cultural athletic field.