Urban Beautification Execution Unit

Urban Beautification Execution Unit

The successful birth of Rilif Coatings (a polymer product with weather-resistant aggregates) and multiple orders from various municipalities across the country and the beautification of urban views led to the launch of Rilif Coatings Executive Unit. Works extensively in the field of urban beautification, 3D projection, facade painting and urban wall painting. Painting tables, painting urban furniture, children's playgrounds and sports fields, etc. are among the tasks of urban beautification executive units. Be it.

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Reef group is one of the largest in iran that is active in the aria tataled 200 thousand square meters in chemical industries field (production of paint,traffic signs, glass beads and silicrouate powder).industrial field (production of barrel and metal can and cellulose products)artless field (production of garment) and cultural athletic field.